Take no thought . . .


Volume No. 2020   Issue No. 18   Date: May 27, 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically impacted our nation. As a result there is the temptation to turn legitimate CONCERN into illegitimate WORRY! Worry occurs when the situation is controlling you and you are no longer controlling the situation. God does allow for concern. But He does not want us to worry, because we have a Heavenly Father who has the cure for our anxieties if we would only TRUST Him.  In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus said four times “Take no thought” or another way of saying it, “don’t worry.”


Verse 15 – Take no thought of your life,

Verse 28 – Take no thought of your raiment,

Verse 31 – Take no thought of what you should eat or drink, and

Verse 34 – Take no thought for the morrow.


In Matthew 6, Jesus is saying I want you to know your Heavenly Father – Knows Us, Love Us, and Cares for Us. Even though He has allowed this pestilence to come, because nothing happens without His OK, we need to look at the spiritual application.


Through all this, I believe God is saying, “I need more of your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION as you have wandered far, far from me.” In fact, God wants to change your habits.


C.S. Lewis wrote: "Divine disturbances are just as much a part of the Christian life as divine deliverances." In times of peril, Christians must be known as the hopeful people, the faithful people, and the praying people. Just as we have been studying on Sunday mornings from Hebrews chapter 11, we must look with eyes of faith and see "the evidence of things not seen." God is at work amidst the turmoil of our day.


Maybe God has used this coronavirus to wake up America to the PRESENCE OF GOD.


Maybe God has used this coronavirus to drive His people to their knees in greater times of PRAYER FOR GENUINE REVIVAL. Remember revival always begins with times of great repentance and then a desperate time of praying.


Maybe God has used this coronavirus to encourage us to have a greater CONNECTION TO OUR FAMILY. Sometimes God has to take things away in order to make us see the things that are really important.


Maybe God has used this coronavirus to wake us up to a greater NEED OF SOUL-WINNING to reach our neighbors and the area around our church with the GOSPEL as never before.


Maybe God has used this coronavirus to give us a greater sense of the LORD’S EMINENT RETURN. This would be a good time to carefully read and meditate on Matthew 24-24, I Thessalonians and Revelation 1-5. 


Maybe God has used this coronavirus to drive us to a greater SENSE OF WORSHIP on Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening.


This is not a time for FEAR of the circumstances. It is a time for FAITH in the circumstances.

In His Amazing Grace,

Pastor David Miklas

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