ACLU Syndrome


Volume No. 2012 Issue No. 39 Date: November 28, 2012

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In Philippians 4:6-7 we read, “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. (7) And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” When I bow my head in prayer or when I experience gratitude in my heart, I’m glad I know to whom the “thanksgiving” should be expressed. A lot of folks these days are all excited about holidays, but they have no clue as to why the season is celebrated.
"The ACLU Syndrome" seems to be that all things related to God should be attended in private and that there should be no public acknowledgement of the goodness of God.
They ignore the philosophy and practice of the nation's Founding Fathers.
They misquote or misinterpret the nation's founding documents.
They close their eyes to the Scripture and other evidences etched in marble all over Washington, D.C. With a revisionist’s mind-set, they dishonestly and deliberately misrepresent the heritage that has been handed to us.
Well, enough is enough! It’s take-back time! Let’s reclaim our nation and give out heartfelt testimony in recognition of the great eternal Creator God of the Bible who is the source and means of our salvation.
During World War II, when London was being blitzed, this article appeared in a British newspaper.
We have been a pleasure-loving people, dishonoring God's day, picnicing and bathing. Now
the seashore is barred – no picnics, no bathing.
We have preferred motor travel to churchgoing. Now there is a shortage of motor fuel.
We have ignored the ringing of church bells calling us to worship. Now the bells cannot ring,
except to warn us of invasion.
We have left our churches half empty when they should have been well filled with worshipers. Now they are in ruins.
We would not listen to the way of peace. Now we are forced to listen to the way of war.
We would not give our money to the Lord's work. Now it is taken from us in higher taxes and
high cost of living.
We refused to give God thanks for our food. Now it is unobtainable.
We refused to give God our service. Now our service is conscribed for our country.
We refused to live our lives under God's control. Now they are under the nation's control.
We would not spend our nights watching unto prayer. Now we spend them in anxious air-raid precautions. 

In this Thanksgiving season of 2012, let's lead our families to think of the godly reasons for our celebrations of Thanksgiving and upon the coming Christmas season. The ship of state is in turbulent times. Could the answer be found in reclaiming our national heritage, repentance of our moral collapse, recognition of God, and giving Him the place He deserves nationally and personally?

May God’s blessing be upon you this week as you read and meditate on the 14th message from the Mountain Peaks of Faith from Hebrews 11:31, Rahab – Faith's Victory Over Sin.

In His Amazing Grace,
Pastor David Miklas


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