Use it … or Lose it


Volume No. 2014   Issue No. 21   Date: June 22, 2014

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In Proverbs 11:24 we read, "There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty." The point of this passage is either “Use it or lose it!”


We live in an age of endless knowledge and unlimited resources. Need a recipe, a health cure, a secret to financial bliss? You can visit your local library, with row upon row of help, free for the asking. Or, better still, turn on the computer, type in your question, and have 1,000 answers in a matter of seconds. It's almost mind-boggling.


Though, I have noticed that with all the things we know that our parents never learned, we as a whole are not making wiser decisions. I fear that we suffer from Bloated Brain Syndrome. What happens when you eat a huge amount of food, but never exercise? Right! That's how our over-loaded, under-worked minds must feel – sluggish. You see, we have taken in all the information, but we are not using it.


Here's the point. It is obvious that many of us have grown up in church, hearing amazing truths from God's Word week-in and week-out. For some reading this cover letter, you went to Christian schools and learned about God in Bible class and chapel. For many reading this letter you went to conferences around the country and heard even more amazing truths. Oh, and you even took notes! Your Bibles have pages and pages of points and outlines scribbled in margins, on maps, on note cards, and napkins. For some of you, particularly those in full-time Christian service, you went to Bible College and added to your expertise on Christianity. We really could write books about all the great things we have learned.


However, are we using the things we've learned?


Are we making sure our children know what we know?

Are we teaching other children or adults what we have learned in Sunday school classes?

Who is benefiting from our knowledge?

Are we even benefiting from it ourselves by putting it into practice in our own lives?

Are our marriages richer or our relationships better because we have sat at the feet of some of the world's greatest Christians?


I fear walking out of church, thinking, "That was great truth!" Then, that truth gets no farther in my life.


I believe that the solution for all of us is to use what we learn immediately. What did your pastor preach last Sunday? What, in your life, has changed this week because of his message? Pass it off like a hot potato! Quick… talk about it with your kids. Teach others about it. Use it in your life before next Sunday, so that you do not go to church with an overloaded, sluggish brain, unable to receive more information. Exercise Truth! This may transform your walk with God. Search for something in God's Word that you are determined to use that day. Did you read any good books this week? Pass it on while it is fresh in your mind. Enrich someone else's life with your knowledge. This beats destroying someone's day with negative gossip because you can't think of anything new to say. Let's not crash like a computer with too much information and not enough memory.


Let's keep our brains in shape with constant use by exercising knowledge and truth. Learn something new? “Use it or lose it!”


May God's blessing be upon you this week as you read and meditate on the message from Romans 10:9-10, “Spirit-filled Listening.”














In His Amazing Grace,
Pastor David Miklas






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