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Volume No. 2015   Issue No. 04   Date: January 28, 2015

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If your child is to be a real Christian, if he is to avoid Hell and go to Heaven, he must understand the very simple precepts of the Gospel. In order for the child to reach that understanding, explanations must be made simply, fully and repeatedly. The responsibility for those explanations falls first upon the parents and then also upon the children's workers at the church. Let me recommend:


1. Prayers at bedtime! If you take the time nightly to pray with your child, opportunity will be there to talk about God and all things related.

2. Bible reading! As your children are small, you may want to read Bible stories for children. Each day key in on a verse that you repeat several times and have them say it aloud.


3. Sing with your child! Teach them "Jesus Loves Me" and other music pieces that will instill the great eternal truths in their minds.


4. Answer their questions! As you pray with them, read the Bible to them, and sing with them, they will ask questions. They do not need thirty-minute lectures. They need simple, one-sentence answers to their questions.


5. Teach them John 3:16! All the necessary matters can be explained to them with that great verse as the basis. Take it a word or two at a time and tell them in a sentence or two what each part means.


6. Ask the child questions! What does "God so loved the world" mean? Who is the "only
begotten Son"? What did He do for us? What is everlasting life? Ask other similar questions.


7. Summarize the Gospel! Jesus died on the cross and arose alive from the grave. He did that for me and for you. He forgives us, takes us into His family and builds us a home in Heaven.


There's no substitute for spending time with your child. That time must be given to some spiritual tutoring along with fun, chores and family life. He or she will learn much from you just because you make clear that this is something of great value to you.


Tell your children how, when and where you were saved. In doing so, the concepts of "sin," "salvation," "trust," and such will become real to them. You can help them learn the truth and understand it just by living and breathing your faith before them.


But let's be clear, if we are to get our children truly converted it is absolutely essential that they
hear the Gospel often and they understand it fully. If you will be diligent, there will come a day when the child will say, “I need to be saved, and I want to do it now.” That is the day you have waited for, and it is a day to rejoice. Thank God, I know because as a parent I have had that privilege.


May God's blessing be upon you this week as you read and meditate on the message from Psalm 23:3 on “He Restoreth My Soul.” To easily access the Weekly SERMON, go to and click on the http:// link at the bottom of this page.

In His Amazing Grace,

Pastor David Miklas

The topic of this letter (slightly edited to fit available space) was taken from an article written by Dr. Sheldon Smith, and published in the “Sword of the Lord” September 13, 2013.

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