Pastor: How Would You Grade YOURSELF?


Volume No. 2018   Issue No. 33   Date: October 10, 2018

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Over the 52 years in the ministry I have come across 1000’s of quotes and sayings from many, many sources. Here are THIRTEEN of those sayings:


An unloving attitude haunts our world and, as Christians, it can hurt our work for the Lord. That’s why it’s time to do what we read of in I John 4:7, “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.”


Don’t let the world redefine love. Let real love prevail. The Love of God redefines your life, your home, and your church today. A Loving attitude strengthens our testimony; furthers our witness; reflects God and is a stepping stone for those seeking God’s love.


As a follower of Christ, setting our top priority is clear: love for God that produces love for others. There are many pursuits in life, but the “greatest of these is love.”


Keep the circle of love tight. Opt out of unloving groups; opt into supportive environments that will fill the cup of others with the power of God’s powerful love.


Kindness is a grace that all can understand. It’s like a boomerang, always returns.


The most important hour of the week in a nation is the hour when God’s men approach the pulpit to deliver thus saith the Lord.


Preaching is the Word of God in the hand, the fire of God in the heart, and the zeal of God in the soul. Preaching is the fire in the pulpit that melts the ice in the pew.


The preaching of a generation determines the morals of the next generation. Preaching is the moral conscience of a nation.


True friendship is a gift of God, and a person who has a true friend should count him as such. Happy is the man who has a friend. Happier is the man who is a friend. Happiest is the man who has a friend and is a friend. 


One may be better than his reputation but never better than his principles.


We must not only have convictions about which is right or wrong, but we must also have the courage to choose the right and to reject the wrong.


For the preacher: Too many of our sermons are like a supper of leftovers – they have been too long away from the fire! God forgive the preacher who expects results from a ministry that has not been touched by the fire of God for weeks or even years. – John R. Rice


Pastor, on a scale of one to ten, how would you grade yourself on personal conduct? How would others grade you? More importantly, how would God grade you? His report card will one day be issued, and what will your grade be?

In His Amazing Grace,




Pastor David Miklas






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