Remarkable Quotes (#14)


Volume No. 2019   Issue No. 12   Date: April 2, 2019

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Over the 54 years in the ministry I have come across 1000’s of quotes and sayings from many, many sources. I have them in sermons, the Weekly SERMON cover letter, church bulletins and for my own edification. Here are a few more I hope will be a blessing to you.


1.  How to Get a Taste of Heaven Now: One Sunday morning, a church member once said to the minister, "Pastor, that was a wonderful sermon you preached on Heaven, but you did not tell us where Heaven is." “Ah," said the pastor, "I cannot tell you its exact location, but I can tell you how you can get a taste of it in advance." “How is that?" asked the man. "Over yonder on that hill," said the pastor, "is a member of our church who lies in bed week after week. Her two children are now sick and also in bed. They have little food in the house, they need warm blankets, and there is no one to split wood to warm their home. You go up there and take a few things with you and say, 'Sister, I have brought these in our Saviour's name.' Do what you can to help, then before you leave, take your Bible and read to them and get down on your knees and pray. If you do not find Heaven before you are through, I will pay the bill." The next day the same man met the pastor again. "I've had a little of Heaven," he exclaimed. "I spent a half-hour in Heaven yesterday." Heaven begins here below for those who render loving service in the Master's name. – Keith L. Brooks


2. The promise that God will "keep" His own occurs quite often in the Bible. For example:


Lest any hurt thee, He will "keep" thee day and night (Isaiah 27:3).

He will "keep" thee as the apple of His eye (Psalm 17:8).

He will "keep" thee in all thy ways (Psalm 91:11).

He will "keep" thy foot from being taken (Proverbs 3:26).

He will "keep" thee as a shepherd does his flock (Jeremiah 31-10).

He will "keep" thee from the evil that is in the world (John 17:15

He will "keep" thee from falling (Jude 24).

He will "keep" thee from the hour of temptation (Revelation 3:10).

He will "keep" thee in all places whithersoever thou goest (Genesis 28:15).

He will "keep" that which thou hast committed unto Him against that day (II Timothy 1:12).

He will "keep" thee in the way and bring thee into the place which He has prepared for you (Exodus 23:20).


3. Prayer crowns God with the honor and glory due His name, and God crowns prayer with assurance and comfort. The most praying souls are the most assured souls.


4. The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.


5. All the knowledge you ever want to have is comprised in one book, the Bible!

In His Amazing Grace,



Pastor David Miklas







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