You Must HEAR God When He Speaks


Volume No. 2019   Issue No. 17   Date: May 22, 2019

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1. "Once Every Seven Days – its Sunday Morning!"  The chance of things going haywire on a Sunday morning are at least seven times greater than on any other morning of the week. Dead car batteries, hot water that is cold, milk that is sour, wet underwear, clogged toilets, stuck zippers, stained suits, cologne mistaken for mouthwash, lost Bibles, curling irons that hiss, nylons that run, sick puppies, power failures, touchy tempers, grumpy attitudes and daylight saving time. Thieves break in on Saturday nights just to steal one of a nicely matched pair of socks. What is really happening?


First, God is not honored. Attitudes for proper worship are formed in advance. Isaiah spoke of those who worshiped the Lord with their lips while their hearts were far from God (Isaiah 29: 13). It is next to impossible to worship God with the latest family feud still on your mind.


Second, God's Spirit is hindered. Enthusiastic song leaders get discouraged trying to lead people who are still steaming over cross words fired 15 minutes ago. So what can be done to arrive for church on time with a minimum of frustration? Have the kids sleep in the car by camping out in the church parking lot? Here are some ideas that may help.


Guard Saturday night functions. Late Saturday nights are the prelude to chaotic Sunday mornings. Plan to get to bed early. "Early to bed, early to rise makes Sundays a pleasant surprise."


Plan ahead. It was not raining when Noah built the ark. Set out clothes, shoes, socks, diaper bags, strollers and Bibles ahead of time. If sufficient hot water is a problem, schedule some family members for Saturday night baths.


Dad, do you think you could help Mom get the kids ready while she prepares breakfast? This is particularly important when the children are small. She will love you for it. Set a departure time that does not require split-second timing and race-car driving. Plan to arrive 5 minutes early. Spend those early moments in prayer and reading your Bible. Ask God to speak to you. He will!


Expect the unexpected. Satan will do his utmost to hinder your worship of God. I should add, if you find yourself running late on a Sunday, do not stay away, just quietly slip in, smile at the usher, and hold up your watch and shake it. He will understand. We have all been there. On the other hand, see you in church Sunday.


2. One thing you cannot bury with a good man is his influence. They have not buried Daniel yet; his influence is as great today as ever it was. Don’t tell me that Joseph is dead? His influence still lives and will continue to live on and on. You can bury the frail tenement of clay that a good man lives in, but you cannot get rid of his influence and example. Paul was never more powerful than he is today. – D.L. Moody


3. The battles you face are an opportunity for God to be honored and glorified in your life.


4. If you would have God hear you when you pray, you must hear Him when He speaks. In His Amazing Grace,

Pastor David Miklas






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