Please allow me to take a few minutes of your valuable time to share with you the purposes of the Bible Baptist Ministry that sends out the Weekly SERMON.

The Book of II Timothy is the Apostle Paul’s farewell address to His son in the faith, Timothy. In 2Ti 2:1-2 we read, “Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

Please note the expression in verse 2, “…able to teach others also.” In this verse the Bible talks about Paul, Timothy, faithful men, and others. Paul taught Timothy; Timothy was to teach faithful men; faithful men were to teach others. Training others is the Bible method of reproducing. Ps 78:1-8 teaches us that one generation is to teach another generation so that the next generation “might set their hope in God.”

What has happened in the ministry and in Christian homes is people have ceased to teach the next generation what God has taught us in His word. We have left the instruction to people who do not walk with God and who have found a worldly way to try to do God’s work. This is our fault because God has told us exactly how to teach the next generation.

As I look back over my life, I am grateful to God for the great spiritual heritage I have received… In 2Ti 3:14-15 we read, “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them. And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation though faith which is in Christ Jesus.” People have invested their lives in me. Among them have been my parents, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, college professors, pastors, friends, etc. Now as I look forward, I want to invest my life in teaching and training others.

These passages have become God’s leading to begin Bible Baptist Ministry. For years I have had the privilege of reading the Word of God, studying the Word of God and preaching and teaching the Word of God. Now I have been challenged by circumstances, pastors, and missionaries to pass, in writing what has been preached and taught to others. Bible Baptist Ministry is a new faith ministry with three purposes.

FIRST Purpose: The Weekly SERMONS: For years, I have written and now type out my sermons word for word. It is just my way of doing it. By request, I started to send a sermon a month by way of e-mail to several individuals. The Weekly SERMONS are being sent to college students, missionaries around the world, military personnel, pastors, evangelists, and former members of the churches where I have had the privilege of serving. The ministry wants to be a help to believers and at the same time extend the message to others. Each Weekly SERMON is preceded by a cover letter with a devotional truth.

Since 2004 we have completed twenty-six messages on the New Testament “Book of James”, eight messages on “Christ Seven Words of Calvary”, thirteen messages on “How to Treat One Another in the Family of God”, twenty-one messages on “The Saints Fellowship with God” from I, II, and III John, twenty-four messages from the “Book of Philippians”, sixteen message from the “Book of Joshua”, thirteen messages on the “Names of God” twelve messages on the “Ten Commandments” eight messages From “Romans 8”, and sixteen message on the “Master’s Men” a study of the Lord’s twelve disciples. In between there have numerous individual Weekly SERMONS.

In the future all the past Weekly SERMONS as well as all future Weekly SERMONS will be on file in our Web site. You may open it from https://TheWeeklySermon.com/ and then go to the sermon archives.

SECOND Purpose: Sunday School Lesson Manuals: All the Weekly SERMONS as well as many other SERMONS series will be reformatted into Sunday School Lesson Manuals. Each manual will contain the messages with 5 added features to the Weekly SERMONS along with the student’s outlines and power point suggestions. These lessons can be used for personal Bible study, teaching group Bible studies or for teaching adult Sunday School Classes. All the Sunday School Lesson Manuals will be available on CD and in printed form.

Our ultimate goal is to get the manuals into the hands of young pastors with new churches, missionaries and national pastors around the world.

THIRD Purpose: Discipleship manual:GROWING IN GRACE One Step at Time in you Christian Walk” is a discipleship manual in two volumes of thirteen lessons each. The purpose of these manuals are specifically designed to direct the new Christian, as well as the growing Christian, into a program of discipleship through a careful study of the teaching of the Word of God and the application of Biblical doctrine to everyday living. “GROWING IN GRACE One Step at a Time in Your Christian Walk” is designed to be flexible enough for use by believers of all ages in a variety of settings:

             Personal Study                                  One-on-one Disciple Training

               Group Bible Study                               Sunday School Group Classes

In order to fulfill the purposes of Bible Baptist Ministry, it is necessary to raise appropriate funds. Let me ask you to please pray about making a gift to the Bible Baptist Ministry which faithfully sends out the Weekly SERMON. Wait! Before you run off to unsubscribe from the list thinking, “You told me the Weekly SERMON was free!!!” Let me reassure you. The Weekly SERMON will always remain free! However it does cost to run this ministry, and instead of peppering the mailings with frequent requests, we do so just several times a year in order to make our needs known. We are thankful for those who have responded by letting us know of the blessing received from the letter and Weekly SERMON. We are also grateful to those friends who, from time to time, have given gifts large and small over the years to support this ministry. Thank you, again.





In order to meet our current obligations, we need to raise $3600.00 besides what comes in monthly. Now, after you have given of your tithe to your church, and taken care of your pastor, perhaps you could help us with either a one-time offering or an on-going gift on a monthly basis. Simply give as the Holy Spirit guides you to give. For financial accountability, we are handling all funds under the Green Street Baptist Chapel of Edwardsville, PA (Mailing address: Bible Baptist Ministry, 48 Alexie Rd., Hanover Township 18706-3936. Checks made out to Green Street Baptist Chapel with a memo to Bible Baptist Ministry will be tax deductible for you and placed into the account for this ministry.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and to pray for us: [ 2Th 3.1 ] . THANK YOU for any possible support you may be able to extend at this time to this ministry. May the Lord richly bless you.  


Pastor David Miklas has been an ordained independent fundamental Baptist Pastor for 50 years. God has given him the privilege of starting a church and Christian School and staying there for 23 years. In the last 27 years God has taken him to 3 other churches and a Baptist college to serve. Since July of 2005 Pastor Miklas been the Senior Pastor at the Green Street Baptist Chapel, 25 Green Street, Edwardsville, PA 18704-2401 Pastor and his wife Mary Lou have been married for 52 years. They have five children all Bible College graduates, married to Christian mates with 20 grandchildren.

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